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We are a membership comprised of all aspects of the Cannabis Industry from patients to producers, farmers and retailers we have a unique perspective and background that helps guide our passion and advocacy for the sustainable and ethical future of our industry. In 2016 when the Alliance was created we were seeing a need for a cohesive voice that was not being met. We wanted to make sure all voices were being heard, not just a few. In the years since then we have taken this vision and crafted into a robust member body that advocates, educates and promotes good practices and helps steer the conversation across a multitude of legislative bodies and industry leaders alike. We have been an essential voice in crafting legislation to ensure Washington’s Cannabis industry is one that can both assure safe access and reasonable regulation for our businesses to thrive. With the support of our membership we hope to continue our mission and achieve our goal of creating an industry that is ethical, sustainable, and profitable for all players.

The Cannabis Alliance is proud to work in conjunction with the Black Cannabis Commission to advance the voices of the Black community, raising their visibility within our industry. In helping them have a seat at the Cannabis Advisory Council brought for the first time the voices of this community to the LCB’s table. We strongly believe that diversity at the regulatory level is essential to building an inclusive, and sustainable governing body. More voices and ideas make the cannabis space stronger and available to all people.

The Black Cannabis Commission will utilize the full potential of the community, to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity. The Community based cannabis equity programs will provide universal access, and full participation in the culture, with full vertical integration. This is about sustainable jobs for the community.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Black Cannabis Commission email their Executive Director Aaron Bossett.

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