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Consumer Rewards

Consumer Rewards Women Cultivating Success Business Directory


We offer Consumer Rewards for shopping with the businesses listed in the Women Cultivating Success Business Directory. 

The Women Cultivating Success Business Directory contains online shops and services, as well as, brick and mortar companies. These companies vary in size from one person growing their business, to national companies with hundreds of employees.

The two things they all have in common are a shared industry and the people that depend upon them for a paycheck. Shopping canna-centric businesses is good for your health, your head and the economy. 


No Expiration Date 

No Time Restriction

Email copies of 10 receipts, invoices, or packing slips from 10 different businesses listed in the directory. womencultivatingsuccess@gmail.com

We will only accept 2 receipts from dispensaries per 6 month period.

The copies of the receipts, invoices, or packing slips must contain the business name. If you are sending copies of packing slips or online order receipts also include the portion shipped to name.