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B2B Incentives

B2B Incentives Women Cultivating Success Business Directory

We offer Business to Business incentives for the companies listed in the Women Cultivating Success Directory.

You will receive 50% Off a three month ad displayed at the top of your category page.

Ads are $180 per three month period.

To receive the 50% Off send us a copy of an invoice from one of the businesses listed in the Women Cultivating Success Business Directory. 

Please black out sensitive information. 

We only need:

your company name

name/contact info of the company you did business with


Email to: womencultivatingsuccess@gmail.com

To qualify for the Business to Business incentive you must have a listing on the Women Cultivating Success Business Directory. 

Please note: The top of the category pages is the only ad location on Women Cultivating Success Business Directory.

The directory was designed to effortlessly guide consumers and clients to businesses. 

We are not allowing Google Adsense. 

Our focus is on increasing the revenues and market exposure of the businesses listed in the directory.