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discus fish salt treatment × Poseidon Aquarium 1801 S. Discus belong to the Cichlid genus and originate from the Amazon region of South America. INTRODUCTION . Discus might have a disease or ailment. Light infections of Camallanus worms are difficult to detect. Though treatments for various discus fish diseases may vary, any treatment involving the administration of medication should be accompanied by the removal of any activated carbon from the tank filter. Discus and other large cichlids, especially Oscars, are especially prone to Hexamita. 5 inch $19. It could be swim-bladder disease or intestinal blockage. However, I still had hopes for the treatment. A bad case looks as if someone has chiselled out holes in the head. Maintaining healthy discus fish 1. Salt can be antimicrobial, promotes healing and slimecoat, and can help relieve osmotic pressure ("breathing"). less appetite I have given the Espom salt ,Metro treatment n salt treatment , heat treatment but no improvement at all . Tank contains 12 discus, 50 rummy nose tetras, 6 rams. You are correct, it is also used to increase water hardness. 2. So, If you’ve got a 100 gallon (0. You can also read through the comments for salt treatment tips. Let the salt do it's job, once clear, give it a couple of days and waterchange it out. Discus “ich” Discus Ich is a parasitic infection of fresh water fish caused by ciliate. 5 inch $21. gallon. If the eye has been injured, perform palliative care using aquarium salt while the eye heals (unless contraindicated). Don't Make Payment . 99 add to cart. Epsom salt may be used as part of dropsy treatment by isolating the sick fish in a separate "hospital" tank, then adding Epsom salt at a rate of 1/8 teaspoon for every 5 gallons of water. Although Praziquantel is primarily used to treat parasitic worm infections in humans and animals; it is also used in Jun 26, 2020 · Sprinkle the powder like salt on some food for one feeding and in 24 hours you will surely know whether the fish are carrying tapeworms or not! The above therapies cover the "big four" fish diseases that are likely to cause problems in your discus. Discus is a schooling fish so it prefers to stay in groups of 6 species at least and it hardly stands being alone. pdf 3. Discus fish prefers a temperature between 28C to 30C, which is hotter than many other popular freshwater fish such as guppies. This fish remedy will not color the aquarium water. Be sure you always treat your tank hygienically by regularly changing your nets. It is also effective to use on fish, and can be purchased online in bulk or is contained in the aquarium medication Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole. Here are some other alternatives: Quinine salts or methylene blue. It’s very important that you completely dissolve the Epsom salt in a separate container first before gradually adding it into QT. The difficulty when choosing tank mates for discus is that the fish is slow, it eats slow and inhabits in water with rather high for other species temperature. 4 out of 5  Can Salt Kill Fish Lice? Future Prevention Tips For Argulus Control. > - I understand that some fish cannot tolerate salt. 17 reviews. it extremely is on the subject remember of their nutrients plan, bacterial or parasitic infections, water high quality, genetic defects, and breeding for weird and wonderful physique shapes (like fancy goldfish). 9 Feb 2019 Giving you some brief advice on the most common discus ailments and how to treat them. Use slightly rounded teaspoon per 20 gallons. I currently have one "orgy tank" with nine adults, one divided tank with a couple of pairs in it, another with a bunch of baby Discus and a quarantine tank for my new arrivals. High quailty and hormone free discus fish at affordable prices shipped at a white anemone. NO FEEDING: You are going to kill the fish if you do that because you are feeding and producing the white spot as well. Use 30ml per10gal. Velvet is a photosynthetic parasite - it will help with treatment if you can turn off the lights while the fish are infected For individual fish photos please check our WYSIWYG section or come see us in store ;) Here at Living Reef Aquariums we take pride in selecting and importing only the best Discus to bring to market Whilst our quality is the highest our pricing is the lowest, when you purchase Discus from us you buy from Australia’s premium stockist of Discus. Treatment for popeye will depend upon the underlying cause. Disease: Ich, characterized by white spots on the body of a fish, and other diseases can appear as a result of your stress. If the fish is having endocrine problems, treatment with water changes and antibiotics will not be effective. S. Chewy has a wide selection of aquarium and fish tank pH treatment products for freshwater and saltwater tanks to help keep the pH levels at a healthy level. Then treat the tank with 40miligrams per gallon of metronidazole with at least 50 percent water changes on a daily basis. 0 ppm, which is the salinity of seawater), for 30 seconds up to several minutes, or until the fish rolls on its side. Temp is 85. How just one extra ounce of salt As a treatment for ich and some other protozoa, the infested fish should be dipped in salt water at 30 ppt (or 3. Discus Breeding Pairs Brightly coloured red Discus fish. Read how to care and cure here. Discus fish are expensive so you should always be on the lookout for any that the affect fish(s) are quarantined in a separate aquarium and steps taken to treat   fish for sale. White spot is very contagious. Discus Aquarium Lice Symptoms. Bath: If the fish is not eating, the medicine can be put in the water as a bath. If you don’t, the undissolved grains can burn your betta’s scales. In the 1970s and 80s, it was Seth’s influence to move the club into African cichlids and then into marine environments with saltwater fish and corals. Fish perceive overcrowding in part, by sensing ammonia in the water. discus diseases discus diseases and treatment discus fish disease discus fish diseases discus fish sick Discus Fish diseases' 'anti bacteria and parasite fish disease treatment discus june 16th, 2018 - question 1 pp bath i only feed beef heart mix as per your recepie and tetra bits and frozen blood worms for breeding pairs Salt adds electrolytes, which reduce osmotic stress to the gills. Nitrate and nitrite is 0. In most cases, symptoms are discovered during routine tank clean-up or Visit us on Facebook: https://tinyurl. Therefore, we use a blender to dissolve  Add 1 tablespoon (Tbsp) of salt per 3 gallons of water. 95: Red Melon Discus Fish - 2. Metronidazole also can be used in fish food to improve the treatment effects. The Ridich+ is a safer chemical treatment than any other I've come across. Aquariumn Salt, the Recommended Treatment to Medicate and Cure Sick Tropical Fish and Goldfish. Discus trace contains only those elements actually demonstrated* to be required by fish. Salt is an iffy one with Discus. It also affects both freshwater and saltwater fish. Apr 24, 2010 · Salt - 100 liters of water add 1 tablespoonful. Quarantining any new fish coming into your facility for at least 1–2 weeks (although longer periods, 30–60 days are preferred) and daily observation of these fish during this time will help alert you to any potential outbreaks of lymphocystis caused by shipping or acclimation stressors, and will also help increase the fish's immunity. Instructions. com Discus trace contains only those elements actually demonstrated* to be required by fish. This is not a high enough dose to kill Ich, but is generally safe even for fish that are sensitive to salt for the short term of treatment, and helps them regulate the amount of fluid in their cells. However, other fish may also get the disease. Tiny red, brown, or purple spots on the  25 Sep 2020 The spots are a bit smaller than the typical salt granule-like spots. 570 grams, Good for Marine, Tropical, Coldwater, Cichlid & Discus. DOSAGE: 1/4 teaspoonful per 20 gallons. 95 *Assorted Discus Fish - 4-5 inch - 4 Pack -LIMIT ONE PER ORDER $229. You'll find guide here especially beginner Discus fish are flat in appearance and the extended fins gives them the disc shape hence "discus" as their common name. All the litriture says they don't tollerate it, but IME they are fine with 5ppt baths (That's 1 tea spoon per gallon) and it's works a treat for fungus. In some instances, the entire tank is treated, but if individual infections are present, treating the fish in a separate hospital tank is preferable. Updated 7-14-20. May 03, 2019 · Discus Care Tips & Fish Keeping Articles. We also stock a myriad of quality equipment and accessories from traditional tanks to the very latest in fish keeping technology from the four Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Soak dry chunky foods such as pellets and freeze dried blackworms for 15 minutes, then feed to your fish. In an enclosed ecosystem such as a fish tank, small problems become big problems quickly. Used for treatment for White Stringy Feces: Salt treatment is also very effective against ich and other external parasites. The cause of a loss of appetite in tropical fish is most commonly stress. Velvet is less common than Ich, but the treatment is almost identical. 5"). The intestines of these fish can contain millions of flagellates averaging in size of about 8-12 microns. As you have discovered our website, it is clear that you are interested in discus fish. Labels: flagellates in discus fish , internal parasites in discus fish , white feces in discus fish posted by Discus Man @ 9:45 AM SALT AS TREATMENT. Always wash and rinse your hands prior to and after handling the tank’s elements. 95: Yellow Mosaic Discus prefer warm, soft, acidic water. Your Discus may display this attitude at the dark corners of the aquarium. Due to their distinctive shape, behavior,  22 Aug 2020 OCEAN FREE Special Treatment Salt is especially recommended for all Tropical Fish (especially Discus, Koi, Goldfish, Arowana etc. 95: Tetra - Rummy Nose - QUANTITY OF 12 $36. Also, a tablespoon of aquarium salt can be used to help ease the stress of your discus fish. Observe the fish carefully during the entire bath The fish may well go off its food and develop a hollow-bellied appearance. aequifasciatus, S. Not recommend to exceed 2 feedings per day with medicated food. 95 $59. Do not over dose with salt. In good health they should live around 8 to 9 years years and discus fish can grow to 9 or 10 inches round, making them discus shape and look really superb, the colourful oranges, reds and blues make them an absolutely Freshwater fish that are most susceptible to hole in the head disease are oscars, cichlids, including angelfish, and discus. Discus are the pride and joy of my small fish room. The Use Of Salt Submitted by: dnalex Salt is a major staple in every goldfish keeper's supply kit, and it is often used as a first line defense against a host of goldfish problems. For a 300 l aquarium we recommend at least 24 discus fish of 8 cm to ensure harmonious coexistence and prevent one fish being driven away from the food. PLAN OF ACTION. How to tell if a discus fish is sick? Discus fish is a sensitive breed. Any of the special circumstances mentioned above, or if the fish aren’t passing their feces normally the morning after the second dose was administered, you will need a After treating the fish the best way you can (with a partial water change, antibiotics, and possibly some aquarium salt in the water) all you can really do is wait and see and hope the fish recovers. Discus fish care starts from their aquarium that must not be less than three feet and must be stable with clean water. Last night I dosed with Epsom Salts and a few hours later the larger of the two fish passed a long thin, lightly coloured poo. Aug 14, 2019 · Treatment. Treatment . One common problem is Ich. Like body fungus, this bacterial infection responds to salt, does not readily spread between fish and can be prevented with good aquarium practices. May 11, 2010 · careful with the treatment as discus are sensitive and if you use salt use very little. #659 in Water Treatments Some fish will tolerate this therapeutic use of salt; however, some fish are less tolerant. Treatments commonly involve copper salts. Cichlids, and in particular Discus and Oscars are the fish breeds most  Much will depend on the water your fish have spent their lives in prior to reaching your tank. Many fish diseases are due to issues  For use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. One of the most common problems among specific big cichlids including the Discus fish is having a hole in the head. There are warnings on the package because of the formaldehyde it contains. Once the fish is eating adding an antibiotic like Metronidazole to the food for another week is recommended. Add salt to water to help distress. Discus hates hard water and salt. com Salt Water Multi Test Kit Fish & Aquatic It did not help the one fish with the swim bladder and my third fish was unaffected by this "treatment". Quarantine: other treatment options. Your tropical fish can also feel a great deal of stress due to overcrowding. If you have 20 discus in one tank then put 3 tablets in water. Filter — Categories. pH should be between 6. Infected fish will usually appear thin in the stomach and may have sores or ulcers around the head. Fish Diseases. “Ich” is the small, white and clear spots on the bodies of discus and several on the fins. it will spur the fish to eat and accelerate the metabolism. © 2020 Bluegrassaquatics. You may dose in higher amounts of even one or two tablespoons per 10 gallons. Water CaCO3. Both of these facts are well supported by the many aquarists who have used metronidazole to successfully treat HITH in discus and angelfish. chewy. REMOVER: Seachem Prime immediately and permanently removes chlorine and chloramine, successfully allowing the bio filter to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate while they are Discus are quite interesting in many aspects, not the least of which are their spawning instincts. Hexamita are intestinal flagellated protozoa that attack the lower intestine. Ph is 6. Seth was a visionary in the aquatic industry. Contact us by WhatsApp Number: 8270292530 Watch Video for Current Stock o. All Rights Reserved. Jan 26, 2015 · For transfer of fish when moving or temporary storage of fish in crowded conditions. Now, I know that Nemo was a Clown Fish, and a salt water fish as well, however, there are similarities none the less. Prepare (clean) and fill two buckets (or similar containers). 100% natural products that your fish will recognize & enjoy. The purpose of this article is not to provide any specific treatment regimen for the readers fish, rather to provide an outline that will provide a better chance for success over the typical "my fish are sick and what medications & how much should I dump into my aquarium" question. 100-micron filter sock Apr 13, 2020 · Most tropical fish keeping enthusiasts use Praziquantel (prazi) as a safe, effective, “go to” treatment for Skin Flukes (Gyrodactylus sp. Almost like they want and expect to eat but don't. We describe which salts Treatment. Fish fungus can be treated with methylene blue and other medicated products, including natural treatments from herbs and botanical extracts. Oral: Medicating the food if the fish is still eating (most effective). 95 Hole in the head disease (hexamita), chilodonella, salt water ich, bloat. Some fish do not mind this therapeutic use of salt, and some fish do mind it. Discus as a  Check out ESHA HEXAMITA Discus Disease Treatment reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Amazon. Special Considerations. Hexamita infects fish by ingestion of food and begins life in the gut. in. Cichlids for Sale South American Discus Fish and this is why If you are a discus fish hobbyist and have a whole lot of fish to care for, you need to know all about the discus fish diseases. May 05, 2017 · About Discus Fish Stomach Treatment . If fish show early signs of bloat, sometimes Epsom salt will help them pass the blockage if treated early enough. Apr 24, 2010 · Breeding Discus Fish; Treatment with OTC and Copper Sulphate; Prevention is better than cure; Black disease or discus plague; Discus worm; Treatment for Chlorine poisoning; Treatment for discus stress related conditions; Treatment for discus white spot infection; Receiving your discus shipment; Selecting your discusTo select good discus fish i Usually associated with Discus, this Flagellate will in fact affect other fish, particularly large cichlids. The tank is too small for a school of discus, bare minimum for an established pair, personally I would suggest 90 gallons is the absolute minimum I'd even consider for a small school of fish, and even with a 90 gallon tank, you're going to need to perform roughly 50 - 70% of the water per week for 5 discus and very few other tankmates. When one fish in a tank gets sick, it won't be long before the rest of the fish will start showing symptoms. Daytona, FL 32119 386-255-3474 www. Adult Discus 14cm and larger can be kept in "pairs" Stendker Discus can grow to 21cm in diameter and live up to 15 years. com/thefishdoctor-facebook Dr Loh discusses the use of salt in a freshwater pond and aquarium. There are many treatment options for Monogenea, the easiest being salt dips. AAP Wonder Shells The ONLY Authorized online seller of the full line of this unique product. Salt is sodium chloride (NaCl) a chemical treatment with such side effects on freshwater fish as loss of internal chemical balance and dehydration. Causes of mortality in Discus fish (Symphysodon) and trials for treatment 2 The objective of this study was to survey the causes of loss of such fish in propagation farm, trails for treatment and Discus fish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the hobby, known for their spectacular colors and large, circular shape. In this article I will address my experiences regarding the benefits, or not of salt in a Discus fish tank. 4. Discus will grow faster in acidic water, their skin slime is thicker, and they ward off disease better, their sperm is more motile and eggs are fertilized more easily. Whether you’re thinking about creating a personal aquarium or acquiring a unique addition for your collection, then rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Hi All, Two of my discus must be a bit constipated - they hunt down the food and go through the motions of pecking at it but don't seem to eat. Apr 28, 2014 · 4. Items a Discus Keeper Should Have on Hand . *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service! Jul 14, 2015 · A breeding tank for discus fish should be about 25 or 30 gallons in capacity and, ideally, it should be tall rather than wide. Skimmers · Salt · Refractometers & Hydrometers · Reactors · Sand & Substrate If you are buying all your fish from the same aquatic shop, then you are likely to species such as Discus or certain species of marine fish (especially if they are to Whilst in quarantine, some fishkeepers will treat their fish with medications or  16 Items Be sure to read the label on the product to ensure it's appropriate for ponds and freshwater or saltwater aquariums. This is especially important during disease, when the ability of the fish to maintain homeostasis with its surrounding water is disturbed. Salt is often hailed as an excellent additive for freshwater fish diseases. They need perfect water conditions and minor neglect can make them sick. The color of water should be blue in color. In severe cases, an antibiotic should be used to control the infection. Consecutive treatments over 2-3 days will usually knock out any flukes living on your fish. Salt causes water to get hard. Intestinal flagellates can be found in many fish which they do not harm. Treatment is similar, only with antibiotics in the place of antifungals. Saltwater fish are affected on rare occasions as well As it is a disease of the digestive tract, a wasting away or loss of appetite may be experienced. Also twice a year the ocean will back flow into the Amazon region putting loads of salt water into the system. The only thing that worries me is your Pleco. It is difficult to cure. You will need high temps around  9 Oct 2019 We pretreat with Epsom salt first to clean the GI tracts of fish. Epsom salt clears the blockage and Metro will kill the internal For example, we are the sole breeders of discus legend Marc Weiss’ original breeding stock in the world. All fish will react differently to salt treatments, and especially smaller fish must be monitored very closely. Conclusion These are some of the most common ailments you will find in discus fish Jan 19, 2004 · I cannot advice dosage but from what i understand from my dad, isolate the sick dicus and treat it by itself in a seperate tank. Sera Discus Granules was developed especially for discus and other cichlids with high nutritional requirements. white poo . ) 13 Jan 2018 Goldfish and discus are particularly prone to fluke infestations. Discus are fish from the genus Symphysodon, which currently includes the species S. Sep 05, 2019 · If not controlled, there is a 100% mortality rate of the fish in the aquarium. Sep 12, 2017 · Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <5 Gh and kh are both low (using reverse osmosis filtered water rn) When I noticed the ich, I slowly raised the temperature to 89F and added a teaspoon of aquarium salt. I've had several other types of cichlids, but the only one I seem to keep for very long are Discus. A fish experiencing dropsy has a bloated abdomen and raised scales. Some will call Sodium chloride natural, but by that definition, so is NH3 (ammonia). 71 l) of water. Many aquarists in the hobby do not have access to the laboratory techniques that would allow a specific diagnosis and a targeted treatment of fish diseases. It assists  Three species of Hexamita have been associated with disease in fish; Hexamita salmonis in trout and salmon, Hexamita truttae in angelfish, discus fish, goldfish,   Aid in the treatment or control many parasitic populations (including Ich) when added to the aquarium if used properly. 86* is the upper limit for ich's metabolism, but as said the salt will definately take care of it. Small (3-4. There are many medications sold for the treatment of fungus in fish, such as Salt will kill aquarium plants and snails, but this should not be a problem if you  Seachem Discus Trace Aquarium Water Conditioner, 250ml: Amazon. Ordinary table salt (Sodium Chloride or NaCl) is a useful remedy for the prevention and treatment of several freshwater fish diseases. It's difficult to determine exactly what makes tropical fish and goldfish sick, but we always use the same 6-step treatment, and that treatment is given on this page. If fasting doesn’t work, you can try adding 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt per gallon into the QT to help relieve pressure. Follow this treatment carefully. Anyway you can try: Epsom salt bath and followed by Antibiotic treatment. May 02, 2019 · Medicated Food & Doses. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Treat for 10 days. After 6 days in a continuous bath treatment, the  26 May 2019 Table 1. Prepare 8 Litres (2. After that time, do your normal 25%-50% weekly water changes, replacing the water with regular water without salt. Regular salt (sodium chloride) is used to reduce stress, clean gills, etc. All Grade A quality, hormone free and properly quarantined. R. Swim bladder is an extremely unpleasant fish ailment causing them to lose equilibrium and be upside down. Group. tarzoo in the 2006 study was called S. More then likely Your fish has Hex or Spiro. Discus fish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the hobby, known for their spectacular colors and large, circular shape. Tumors in fish - Information on tumors in fish Add salt solution very gradually until fish just starts to show mild stress. The Epsom salt will relieve swelling. Discus fish are one of the most colorful species of freshwater  Check your equipment, environment and water quality before treating any fish! Flukes can be eliminated from fish (but not the tank), by short formalin, salt (3 %), or Ammonium Hole in Head or Discus Disease (Hexamita, Spironucleus) 15 May 2020 To treat this condition, test the water for ammonia and pH, and check the water Aquarium salt can be used, but ensure that your fish can tolerate it. Treating Fish - An introduction to the art of treating fish that suffers from a disease. my dad notice that if kept in a small tank, it dies easily. 95 $27. Learn some discus fish care tips and medication as well, through this article. In this study, a total number of 30 Symphysodon spp collected randomly Welcome to Dennis Discus Fish. Treat Argulus - Summary of treating fish disease argulus Treating White Spot Disease - Symptoms of Ich, its life cycle, and treatments using either malachite green or aquarium salt. Email Gamma Frozen Food Brine Shrimp Blister Pack Fish Food, 570 GM, 6pk. Also long term nitrates above 40-50 ppm in freshwater or 30 ppm in saltwater can weaken the immune system in fish. 95 $ 239. 3. Discus stands head up looking at the surface, and in some cases breathing heavy. November 7th, 2020: Final Discus Shipment Of The Year; May 23rd, 2020: Discus Pre Order & Black Worm Update; January 30th, 2020: Discus Pairs and Tank Bred Altums!!! January 29th, 2020: Introducing Vita Complete Colour Enhancing Fomula! January 26th, 2020: A Few New Discus Added; January 18th, 2020: Fish Room Tour & Interview By Friday Fish Facts Nov 15, 2020 · Betta fish is a sensitive fish and just like its shiny colors, it has shiny tantrums too. With successful treatment, mouth fungus typically clears up in about a week. Malachite Green is a chemical for fresh and saltwater fish that cures external parasites and fungus. 4:48 AM Unknown said Can this treatment be done on other healthy discus fish (through food) on assumption that they too are affected by the protozoans. It is suggested to always increase tank aeration during treatment to ensure an adequate oxygen supply for sick fish. 96 SALE Red Melon Discus Med $ 299. those fish will contain lots extra parasites. Treatment for cotton wool disease in freshwater fish includes salt baths using Freshwater Aquarium Salt or commercially available antifungal treatments for aquarium use. Strange Swimming: When fish are stressed, they often develop odd swimming patterns Praziquantel for Flukes. Discus from Vietnam and Singapore tend to be more naturally grown without the use of hormones. slimy skin diseases and white spot in both freshwater and saltwater Apr 22, 2012 · Discus are not a saltwater species. 5 inch $39. Return the fish to fresh water immediately if it rolls over or tries to jump out. But water is cloudy after the putting See full list on petcentral. The amount of salt you will use will depend upon the species you are treating, but it must be a salt that is specifically made for fish water, and it should only be in the prescribed amount. Raise tank temperature to at least 82deg. Improper Discus diet. Discus Trace™ contains only those elements actually demonstrated to be required by fish. Hexamita is a flagellate protozoa that affects the gastrointestinal tract of ornamental fish. For those fish that are salt-tolerant, add between 2 to 5 grams of salt per litre, as a long-term bath (e. Showing the single result. Jul 20, 2020 · Popeye can affect all fish regardless of species or environment. It may live, but it won’t thrive and it won’t be happy. Our facilities collectively house over 30,000 gallons, 25,000 discus fish, and 90+ strains at any given time. I have discus pair but female fish balance is out pointing head downward. May 09, 2012 · Use Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) for this purpose as it acts as a natural laxative to the fish. May 15, 2020 · Aquarium salt can be used, provided your fish can tolerate it and an anti-fungal agent will serve you well. Table salt is Sodium Chloride. 5 Jan 2014 Treat using Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), which is sold in most drug and grocery stores. One of the Discus fish diseases that is highly infectious to the other tank inhabitants and is frequently fatal to the fish is whit spot disease, also commonly called ich. PraziPro $ 10. You may not need to add all of the solution. Dec 12, 2014 · High ammonia and nitrites severely stress a fish. If in doubt seek advice. Tropical Fish, Freshwater and Saltwater is amazing choice for your aquarium. Overnight shipping on all orders. I use metrogyl . Saltwater Dip (for freshwater fish only) Fish stress is relieved and the organism can fight off diseases easier which aides in the recovery. 5 inch - 4 Pack $129. Free Shipping Hikari Tropical Discus Bio-Gold Aquarium Fish Food, 80 g. API® PIMAFIX fish remedy is an all-natural, antifungal remedy for fish fungal infections, with a formula derived from the West Indian Bay Tree – a proven natural antifungal. Flicking (Scratching and flashing, clamped fins) Your discus fish will begin to eat again, feed it small amounts, cleaning up any leftover food. Signs will begin with the Discus fish rubbing against objects in the tank, and later with the Adult Discus require warm water with temp around 28C (82F) and Juveniles require 30C (86F). We do not sell 1″ fish. When traeting Discus make sure you have a container ready with water from the aquarium and air stones in case they lay down on their sides. The type of fish is also a factor as saltwater fish and freshwater fish are quite different in price, temperament and the level of care required. Address water quality. com. Price Filter. 95 $159. aequifasciatus in the 2007 study, and S. C. ) of water at aquarium temperature and add 1/8 teaspoon (0. Cichlid fish food; Discus fish food; Parasitic treatment in reef and fish marine aquaria. The Discus are susceptible to typical fish ailments, especially if their water is stale and of poor quality and oxygenation. Regular tank maintenance, i. My discus is not well not swimming and hiding under the filter . 1 Tbsp Salt per 2 Gallons of Water Discus fish diseases, symptoms, and treatment are important topics of discussion for any aquarist. Return to: Do Discus Fish Need Salt in Their Aquarium. Epsom salt will not hurt the filter or the other fish. The bath has to be prepared with pure water, preferably RO/DI, or as an alternative distilled water. 95 AquaGreen Scribble Discus Fish - 2 inch $34. aquarium salt is often used to add salts back to aquarium water. You must be very careful when using these dips. Fish ich (Ichthyopthirius multifiliis) or white spot disease is a common disease caused by a skin parasite. ), and tapeworms in Koi, goldfish, and tropical fish. Regularly feeding this high quality, vitamin- and protein-rich staple food especially improves growth and colors of all young discus up to high ages. A standard salt treatment could take care of the patogen, but not the fluke. the only ingredient i'd propose is once you purchase them stay away from the wild caught ones. 95 $ 219. The pathogenicity of the organism varies from fish to fish. Treatment- Hospital tank temp 86F, Airstone on. Most fish diseases are highly contagious and spread quickly so. These cases are unilateral. Conclusion. and the current temp will keep the treatment period quite short. It can be ichthyology which is a branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish. There is constant debate to the legitimacy of using salt when curing Ich. As a rule (but not always the case depending on the particular farmer) Thailand Discus tend to be more colorful (usually due to hormone additives). Nova Rd. Praziquantel is not very water soluble. The salt of malachite green is safer than that of Quickcure and designed for scaleless fish. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about various fish diseases and treatments so that you will be ready to act if need be. I have used it many times API Aquarium Salt 936g. Carol :heart1: Sep 18, 2012 · Your Discus should be better in 4 hours or you can add another dose. aequifasciatus in 2006 was S Aug 09, 2019 · Keep your discus fish in a quart fish tank that is probably 10 gallons in capacity. Feb 10, 2019 · Now, the second thing you need to do after the Epsom salt, if you get them to relieve themselves, is you want to add a mild treatment of metronidazole just in case some hexamita developed from the fish’s excrement, so you don’t end up with internal parasites. 9 oz. 95: Super Yellow Marlboro Discus Fish - 2. Sizes 10 packets, 30 oz. Jan 01, 2017 · Although many aquarists strongly associate the disease with guppies, mollies, loaches, dwarf cichlid fish, angelfish and discus, most types of aquarium fish can be affected. For a concentrated "dip" to be used in treatment of external parasites, the concentration should be 1%, or 7. Discus are a fish that will not tolerate this elevated level of sodium in the water. A similar treatment with a 3-minute dip (for adult fish) has been recommended by Jim Quarles and others as a treatment for ‘The Discus Plague’ Prepare a sterile tank and add 1 tblsp of none iodized salt per 10 gals and an air stone. However, not in all cases the internally sick fish Having said that, treating discus fish with metronidazole is being done by different and sometimes weird doses some of them which are much stronger than discus liver can handle. 48 Causes of mortality in Discus fish (Symphysodon) and trials for treatment 2 The objective of this study was to survey the causes of loss of such fish in propagation farm, trails for treatment and Apr 22, 2012 · Discus are not a saltwater species. Before you can treat your fish for dropsy, you must first learn what it is and than 2. API PIMAFIX fish remedy rapidly treats cottony growth, mouth, body fungus, and the reddening of the fins and body, in addition to both internal and external bacterial Feb 26, 2020 · TREATMENT: We usually recommend treating bacterial diseases with antibiotics* sparingly, however, with Septicemia their initial use is strongly recommended. for external parasites. However, Discus can survive in higher temperatures in the range of 28-32C (82 - 90F) are used to stimulate a fish’s appetite by increasing their metabolism and also to treat sick fish. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Visit us online today at The iFISH Store! *Assorted Discus Fish - 3-3. It is most unfortunate that the fish go through this process, because this is normally how the fish end up with the disease. Enhance your fish's ability to produce a  17 Jul 2020 Learn how to treat and prevent these diseases so you can better protect your fish. Switch off UV sterilizers during treatment. However, with careful treatment of the aquariums fish, water, ornaments, and plants, the disease can be controlled. Discus Fish Part 3 1. A full dose is one tablespoon per five gallons. You must never leave a discus fish in salt water for more than a minute, as salt water is fatal within 5 minutes at the latest! This treatment will remove external  10 Feb 2019 Luckily, the eye has a protective layer that will take the burden so the entire eye is not lost. It gets easily irritated and stressed with sudden atmospheric changes and easily affects its health with this behavior. poseidonaquarium. . Common table salt isn't any good usualy though, as it has anti-caking If the fish isn't eating I would agree, otherwise the best treatment hands down is a 3% oral solution of epsom salt. discus and S. Salt. Symptoms discus fish fluke treatment. Each case is different so there is no one set standard dose. Praziquantel for Flukes. 5 teaspoons of Epsom salt for every ten gallons of water in the hospital tank. More importantly, some fish such as Cories can be very sensitive to salinity changes. Aquarium fish discus The flat body of aquarium fish helps them to quickly mane Ravi Dev AnandhanFish tank · Historically saltwater aquarium owners  The quickest recovery was observed in fish treated with sea salt, with no visible trophonts after 3 days at 27oC. Remember we are talking about 1-2 or 3 future generations of flukes. Regular water changes and the monitoring of water chemistry is also recommended throughout recovery time. When setting up your breeding tank it is a good idea to leave the bottom bare – this will make it much easier for you to clean the tank. You will also need to keep theses things clean durning treatment. (via presoaked pellets) Far safer for the fish, dirt cheap, and just as effective as clout, maybe even more so. Having said that, if your fish are healthy and you are not treating them for something, there's no benefit to adding salt to the tank. C lick here for a description of some of the most common Signs of Stress and Disease in tropical fish and goldfish. You can combine treatment of General Cure with ParaGuard by SeaChem. A sensational R & D success: sera med Professional Nematol is the first ornamental fish treatment against Nematodes that may be sold freely. FOR DISCUS AND OTHER cure. Located in sunny Myrtle Beach, we offer the best live arrival guarantee on all discus fish. At the end of treatment the salt is removed from the system by performing one or more water changes. (Klinger). New fish which have just been introduced to a new aquarium are prime candidates to exhibit a loss of appetite. I have no idea how the fish is doing since I haven't heard anything, but will be going back there tomorrow. 5 Adding Salt to the Aquarium. Keep the fish in the salt solution for 4 to 5 days, and then increase the concentration if there’s no improvement. Nov 13, 2008 · Treatment - The discus fish must eliminate the bowels quickly to prevent death. Moving discus and rapid changes in ph causes stress in discus make all changes slowly. 2 out of 5 API Aquarium Salt, 454 g. Purchasing advise. per 5gal. I've used it on a lot of cichlids including discus. in: Pet Supplies. caution - get a reasonably sized plastic tank for the treatment. It will eliminate anchor worms, fish lice, flukes [1], ich [2] [3], costia, cotton mouth, fungus and many types of bacteria. Shy or submissive fish should be removed if they are unable to compete. The medication is also effective against external fungal infections of fish eggs. ), Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrus sp. thiosulphate citrate bile salt agar (TCBS Get the best deals on Aquarium Water Tests & Treatment when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. There are studies that indicate the use of epsom salt in fish feed prevents Hexamita from infecting fish. Ich can affect fish in ponds as well as aquarium fish. 95 *Assorted Discus Fish - 3-3. Fish Treatment Ltd. The concentration of oxygen could be low because the circulation of water is poor. 95 $16. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. PO Box 7210 Ringwood Hants BH24 9ED Tel: 0845 4818145. In personal experience salt has had little impact when curing Ich. You can pour the salt directly into the aquarium or hospital tank, but some people like to dissolve the salt in  11 Feb 2019 Ordinary table salt (Sodium Chloride or NaCl) is a useful remedy for the prevention and treatment of several freshwater fish diseases. 6g) of crystals. They have rounded dorsal and anal fins that add to their overall body shape, as well as pronounced pelvic and caudal fins . Mix 1 tablespoon of epsom salt with 500 mls of RO water. Nov 17, 2020 · POWERFUL TREATMENT: Seachem Prime is a complete and concentrated conditioner for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, working hard to remove chlorine and chloramine. However, before adding salt to an aquarium ensure that ALL the fish to be treated are salt-tolerant. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. This antibiotic will be for every 24 hours for a period of 5 - 7 days. Here below, you can find a very large selection of Discus fish, rare Plecostomus, Tetras, Rainbows, amazing Angelfish, Ramirezi and many other freshwater fish. Septicemia in the blood can quickly overcome an infected fish and an antibiotic treatment regimen is the quickest and most effective way to treat this disease. Return To: When Do Discus Fish Get Their Color. Vacuum well. Recommended treatment dosage is 2 percent common salt. ) Treat every 24 hours with a 25% water change before each treatment. If used correctly Aquarium Salt can help you treat your discus for the following  18 Sep 2012 Treat with Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate – sold in grocery stores or drug If your fish is not better in 24 hours suspect a bacterial infection. Nov 17, 2020 · Discus fish are widely known to require a lot of care more than any other species of fish. A discus fish leaning to one side or discus laying on the bottom of the tank is not always a symptom of a disease. PART ONE . Salt has been used for decades as a cheap and effective treatment against many diseases, particularly protozoan infections on pond fish such as Chilodonella, Trichodina and Costia, but also some other pathogens, such as gill and skin flukes. Can you please suggest me what I have to do to cure it? Reply: This is an internal problem. 00 Discus for trade for sale in Kearns, UT on KSL Classifieds. It treats 'hole in the head' This medicine is a godsend to people who keep discus fish. Treatment of new fish arrivals in a hospital tank, again due to methylene blue’s affect on Methemoglobinemia, bacteria, and protozoa. It is best to start with a half dose and then put in the other half dose after about twelve hours. filter is Fluval FX5 with foam,bio tube noodles, Matrix, and Purigen. Mar 02, 2012 · A treatment of potassium permanganate and salt water additives can be used to help the fish heal and recover from the infection. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Quarantine the sick fish The use of metronidazole as a medication added to the water, food, or used as a bath is an effective treatment against both Hexamita spp. e. It’s OK use both treatments. However, some diseases and infections can occur even in an ideal environment. In the near future, I plan to use feed my fish epsom soaked food once a week. Discus are very social with members of their own species and are best kept in groups of at least ten fish, especially when juvenile. pdf. Raise the water temperature to about 90 or 94 degrees Fahrenheit. I've seen it in a dwarf gourami once. Raising the temperature to 34 degrees celcius for a week will often clear the fish out. I always babysit my discus any time I use salt for treatment. 38 m³) tank, you’re going to need 5 grams. The level of salt in the water is too much. 95: Siam Red Master Discus Fish - 2. Mar 30, 2020 · Treatment. Jun 16, 2017 · Treatment of Fish Mouth Rot (Fungus) Since fish mouth rot is a bacterial infection, some general purpose anti-bacterial medications should work well treating the mild cases. 96 SALE Red Marlboro Discus Sm/md $ 94. Salt bath Recommended treatment: e. 5") size discus cost over $100-$155 per fish same price as their big size (5-6. However, maintaining an aquarium takes less time and money than a traditional house pet and can bring many hours of education and pleasure to the entire family. This is done with water changes and Epsom salt (available at any drug store and most grocery stores), a laxative that works on discus. Shopping Cart. They tend to be susceptible to illness when stressed, usually caused by not providing ample hiding places. 6 mg/gallon) once/week for 3 weeks. Discus Housing Requirements Jan 14, 2012 · You can add salt (Sodium Chloride) at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons, if the medicine you are using is labeled for salt water. eSHa HEXAMITA™ - DISCUS DISEASE TREATMENT. Important information. Aquarium Salt; Kusuri Wormer Plus Jun 14, 2020 · Use aquarium salt that is specifically design for fish and not table salt which is not iodine-free. Depending on the actual strain of the bacteria, some of them are resistant to one or more antibiotics. The proper diet is also important for fish with this condition, and a hexamita treatment may be added to the tank as well to prevent any parasitic infections as well. Salt can aid in the production of the slime layer and speed up the healing of some wound sites. The Discus that are produced in Asia are among the best in the world. mg/L. Carry out a 50% water change wiping down all the sides of the aquarium. It is  There are so many fish diseases that are resistant to antibiotics, that good old Correct Discus Salt/Med Treatment ratio is = 1 Tbsp. Jul 17, 2014 · Discus are 8 - 10 cm. water changes, removing solid debris from the tank and filtration system will help keep the water in good condition. In most cases this is Nitrite poisoning. Jan 14, 2014 · Salt is a natural treatment- Myth and Truth. Shop Chewy for low prices on the best fish tank pH treatment products. Epsom salt does, in fact, have a laxative effect. Then I purchased protozin and followed the instruction. We’ve kept and sold thousands of fish at our fish store, and this level of salt is safe for virtually all fish – except anchor catfish. I can literally order online same size of discus from Myrtle beach or Uncle Sam for way cheaper ranging anywhere from $30 - $60 bucks a fish with high quality and guaranteed live arrival next day shipping. Allocation of fish to the different treatment groups. Nov 17, 2020 · The sick discus fish is then immersed in the saltwater bath for a period of several hours before being returned to the hospital tank. Here are the tank parameters: Ammonia is 0. 800 gal. It assists in the healing of injuries, promotes the formation of slime coating , improves gill function, reduces the uptake of nitrate, and is even effective against some parasites. Discus fish needs proper tank conditions to stay healthy and happy. Feb 04, 2018 · However their eggs are hardy and most treatments only attack the young newly hatched flukes so several treatments are often needed over several weeks. Since not all fish tolerate this type of medication, take caution before applying. g. Can this treatment be done on other healthy discus fish (through food) on assumption that they too are affected by the protozoans. Discus fish fry require a lot of care from their parents and the keeper in order to survive and grow. 5 inch $23. The medication will cure several types of external parasites including fresh and saltwater ich as well as fungal infections. Sera Nematol is a very effective remedy against nematodes such as Camallanus, roundworms (Capillaria) and discus pinworms (oxyurids) for fresh and salt water fish. That is why so many of them have such bright colors. Discus Behavior/Compatibility. Apr 16, 2004 · Normal dosage for cleaning out a fish is 1/8 tsp. As a treatment for ich and some other protozoa, the infested fish should be dipped in salt water at 30 ppt (or 3. In most cases, a little bit of salt and a tiny stress coat  28 Oct 2018 Epson salt; Which you can purchase from your local drug store is said to help treat internal ailments, such as bloat or swim bladder problems. Marine fish get a swim bladder illness in plenty the comparable way that freshwater species can. Getting back to the treatment, we want to use one gram for every 20 gallons (75. W/c daily twice @ 25 % water parameters are ok Nov 10, 2009 · You sound such as you're doing each thing a risk. Jun 20, 2018 · How to treat pop-eye in betta, oscar, angel, goldfish, discus, and other fishes. I’m often asked if there is a benefit to adding salt in a Discus tank. If constipation is causing the bloat, it may allow the discus to evacuate more easily. Never use medication along with salt and heat as the salt and medication can react and restrict oxygen within the tank. Praziquantel – (branded Droncit) (Now available for fish as PraziPro)What it is: Praziquantel is a bitter tasting powder which shows good absorption directly from the treated water, and then admirable clearance of various surface and internal flukes (trematodes) and internal worms in fish. Aquarium salt is often used to add salts back to aquarium water. Epsom salt per 4oz (112g) of beefheart. If you keep soft water fish such as discus, you may want to do several water changes to remove the salt after treatment. Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate. 10-gallon refugium. Use Epsom salt. Oct 30, 2018 · Offer your fish a peeled, cooked pea up to three times a day and continue withholding regular fish food. The thing is, a week ago I added 3 discus to my tank, and I was wondering if aquarium salt will help or hurt them. Add one tablespoon of aquarium salt for every 5 gallons of water in the molly's recovery tank as a salt treatment. Hole in the Head Disease is curable, but more importantly, it is perfectly preventable. Sep 08, 2018 · To treat a betta with fin rot using aquarium salt, transfer the fish, a heater and some hiding places like real/fake plants to a separate quarantine tank or tub with treated tap water of the same temperature as the water in the aquarium (be sure to give the fish some time to acclimate to the 100% tap water)! Set the heater to a temperature of Welcome to the Carolina's finest Discus Fish boutique, Myrtle Beach Discus, The Premium stop for Grade-A, Show quality Discus Fish for sale. The box says 1 tablespoon for every 5 gallons, which seems like a lot of salt to me Jul 04, 2019 · Discus fish are named after their disc shape appearance – some variations are more triangular or round than others, but all are thin and flat looking. 5 teaspoons per U. com Apr 08, 2013 · Going back to metro treatments does not solve this and the fish will not improve until dewormed. I use this medication in combination with salt, in case of a salt resistant ick strain and to provide some immediate relief while the salt concentration rises. 100 in Pet Supplies). 1-2 tablespoons of aquarium salt added daily, after water changes, placed in a small container where he usually hides out. Used in combination with medication, aquarium salt can help reduce stress while your fish heal from bacterial or parasitic infection. 3% salt solution (a treatment dosage against most Red Pigeon Discus Med $ 274. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) draws water into the intestine and produces softer stools. $100. Suggested other reading & aquarium products: AAP Spectrogram THERE IS NO MORE EFFECTIVE treatment for Fish Columnaris!! Fish Diseases | How to Treat Sick Fish. This metrogyle available in medical store. If your fish is not better in 24 hours suspect a bacterial infection. pdf 4. 50 grams (treats approx. Helpful tips on our discus fish. Here’s the thing about metronidazole that you guys have to understand. The spots are a bit smaller than the typical salt granule-like spots. It is just a temporary condition but is the fish has an issue with salt water they would die. Discus fish disease is one of the things you want to learn not only because you want to know how to deal with it but also prevent the disease from striking your fish. A: Common aquarium salt (sodium chloride) is used to impact the density of the water making it harder for parasites to equilibrate to the denser water. I am really concerned since discus are the most delicate fish I own and don't want to stress them out even more. The diseases mentioned in this article will tell you exactly what to look out for in your fish. Jun 29, 2020 · Melafix is an all-natural antibacterial treatment, prepared from certain tea tree species [2], effective against various gram positive and gram negative bacterial infections [1]. i think of evidently like intestinal parasites. Open wounds or cuts that are not healing. several days). White spots on Discus Fish are a protozoan parasite combined with fungal infection, and should be treated as such. It is safe to use with all freshwater tropical and colwater fish as well as being harmless to fish, plants and filters. Author Note: Sometimes, fish will only have popeye disease in one eye. In desperation, I turn off the   To cure a fish disease is much more difficult and generally calls for the services of a specialist. Leave in bath for 30 minutes, carefully observing the fish’s reaction to the treatment. View a wide selection of Fish and other great items on KSL Classifieds. When a discus fish is sick, the symptoms are almost immediate. However, they’re notorious for being extremely difficult to keep, with Internet forums often recommending strict practices like 100% water changes every day. The high salinity should be maintained for two weeks to be sure that all parasites are really gone. or Fritz Complete. Treatments tried thus far: Daily 15% water changes. Temperature should be kept between 82° and 86° F. Ammonia. Marine salt treatment . Good Luck! Once you start the medication it really should be seen through the end. If you observe this or any other visible ailments or sores on your fish, you should talk to your veterinarian about possible treatments. In this study, a total number of 30 Symphysodon spp collected randomly Fish's Reaction to Epsom Salt Bath I gave an Electric Green Tetra an Epsom salt bath on Friday afternoon due to suspected constipation (for someone I pet sit for whose tank I keep an eye on). Discus require pristine water quality, and weekly water changes of 20% to 65% depends on the size of the Discus fish. In the past few years, farming of this fish has been well developed in Egypt. 95: Brilliant Blue Mosaic Discus Fish 2 inch $21. Esha Hexamita Discus disease treatment is a professional treatment for cichlids and angelfish. For treating intestinal worms (white stringy feces), you can dose fenbendazole into a QT at 2 mg/L (7. I caution you on adding salt to the treatments. Discus fish belong to the perch family and display the group behaviour described by you, as all other perch, when the group is too small. Saltwater fishes most commonly affected are angelfish and surgeonfish, however, other fish may also be affected. His keen eye for the hobby and insight into the future helped propel the Brooklyn Aquarium Society into unknown areas. Should fish exhibit signs of distress neutralize the medication by using an aquarium dechlorinator, such as FritzGuard®, Fritz A. Nothing works. Salt: the most effective bath treatment, and is used to eliminate ciliated protozoan parasites (including ich in small fish); also used to curb the absorption of nitrite, and to reduce the osmotic pressure exerted by fresh-water on any hole in the skin or gill; Dosage and dosing: To produce a 0. 5. This prevents the ick from sticking back again to  2 Jan 2013 This is bacteria infection. I read somewhere that Aquarium salt can be good for your fish, so I recently picked some up. However, if your discus fish become sick it is important to take action immediately. We see it more often in saltwater than freshwater. Controlling the temperature of your aquarium has also proven to be effective in the treatment of Discus Plague. The fish should be closely watched and the bath administered for 5-10 minutes. 0 and 7. Leave the tank running like this for at least one week, ideally two. High quality frozen food for aquarium fish. We generally bring in Discus from 3 fish farms (plus fry from South Am): Thailand, Vietnam, & Singapore. Ammonia is ionized into ammonium in acid water, thus losing its toxic properties. They are beautiful and colorful but must be cared for painstakingly and with all diligence to ensure that they do well and thrive. Fish in the tank are: neon tetra, Pristella maxillaris, rosy tetra, Otocinclus, Corydoras cat, Amano shrimps. Perturbations can lead Discus fish to stress. £ 4. Jun 10, 2005 · Discus like most of the fish in the Amazon eveloved from salt water fish to begin with. Calcium and positive calcium ions (Cations) constantly available in the water column is also often forgotten as an essential to fish health (including soft water fish such as Discus). It's the process of getting them to your local aquarium store that makes them a risky buy. Call us up for any detailed advice as we love to assist  Generally you are looking at a tablespoon of Aquarium Salt as a treatment. Dosage for discus can be 1 to 2 teaspoons/10  26 Jun 2018 Speaking of water treatment, most fish hobbyists add considerate amount of salt into the tank. 95: White Diamond Discus Fish - 2. Praziquatel(Sources: Pet Mountain, PondRx, Drs Foster and Smith). Fish seem less stressed after treatment and water change tonight, I have 2 x 300 watt heaters and dual air pump on the tank as well. A salt bath is created by mixing one or two teaspoons of Epsom salt or aquarium salt per ten gallons of water. The only trouble with the salt dips is that it only affects the flukes on your fish, not the eggs and larvae in your tank. Praziquantel (also called Droncit (USA) or Fluke-Solve (UK/EU), Drontal (UK), PraziPro (Hikari)) - Preferred method for all fish whether salt or freshwater due to effectivity and safety. Discus as a species will not tolerate this elevated level of sodium in the water. Some species of the parasite also obtain energy through photosynthesis. There are two salts I will write about, Rock salt, and Epson salt. A review published in 2007 largely came to the same result, but differed in nomenclature, as the species called S. By Carl Strohmeyer-PAMR 40+ years experience. This is especially true if you have any fish that may be sensitive to salt such as loaches, tetras, discus, etc. 4:49 AM Unknown said Discus fish suffered from mortality after the onset of anorexia, eye cloudiness, ascites, excessive body mucus, frayed dorsal fin and tail rot. API brand offers a range of testing kits, water conditioners, and nutritionally superior food, because we’re dedicated to making a better underwater world. It can be treated with the elevation of the tank temperature to 86° F Plymouth Discus started off as a hobby and has now grown into a full time business supplying discus support goods all over the world. Having seen “Finding Nemo”, you will recognize that some of these behaviors were characterized in the movie quite accurately. Commonly recommended treatment measures are as follows: Treatment at home. A pinch of Epsom salt to help expel dead worms/parasites; A few drops of saltwater or fish vitamins; Stir until a medicated food slurry has been achieved; Feed after soaking for 30 mins; Refrigerate or freeze any leftovers for future use; You can feed this mix 1-2 times per day. The fish refuses its usual food for more than 2 days. Tank setup: 55 gallon. Aquarium salt is beneficial for fishes if used properly and after due research. Concurrent treatment with oxidizing agents, like Potassium Permanganate, will help to keep the bacterial count down (which will aid your fish in its natural fight against the infestation). Dec 15, 2013 · Fish treatment [edit | edit source] Potassium permanganate can be used to treat parasites on individual fish. 95 $44. It could be as a result of stress, high ammonia levels in your aquarium, among other causes. Most serious hobbyists do not mix their discus with too many other species. Annerley Aquarium specialises in rare and unusual fish and carries an extensive range of African and American Cichlids, Exotic Tropical fish, Goldfish, Marine/Saltwater fish from all over the world. Epsom Salt (1Tablespoon/10gal) Metrogyl/ Metronidazol (Commonly sold under the brand name Flagyl). Sera Discus Granules are the top product in the Sera granulated food range. 80 *Assorted Discus Fish - 4-5 inch $59. 12. When both eyes are bulging, the condition is a case of bilateral popeye. As a medicated bath for Dropsy or any other internal malady such as Swim Bladder problems (as MB is easily tissue absorbed). The Ich parasite does no like salt and using aquarium or marine salt is therefore a good way of getting rid of it, provided of course that you keep fish species that can tolerate the increased salinity. Apply acriflavine solution plus salt. Some fish will tolerate this therapeutic use of salt; however, some fish are less tolerant. Your vet will determine the proper treatment depending on the symptoms and underlying cause [1]. Cichlids/Discus Fish Food, Hikari Cichlids/Discus Food, Cichlids/Discus Pellet Fish Food, sera Cichlids/Discus Food, Cichlids/Discus Flake Fish Food, Hikari Cichlids/Discus Granule Food, Hikari Cichlids/Discus Pellet Fish Food, Hikari Cichlids/Discus Fresh Water Fish Food, Salt Aquarium Water Tests & Treatment, Salt Marine Aquarium Water Tests Super Red Marlboro Discus Fish - 2 Inch $18. Discus (Symphysodon) from the family cihildae is one of the most popular and expensive aquarium fish. Standard Ich treatments and standard salt treatments are very tough on scaleless fish like Plecos. Water change and repeat the treatment for a few days. add salt, increase temp, dose white spot treatment, etc. This dosage changes if you have to clean them out throughout the de-worming process. by way of fact of this discus are between the main confusing fish to maintain. Suggested Treatment Period: 14-28 days . Mar 12, 2015 · Metro+ Treatment There are two ways to administer metronidazole: oral or bath. The sick discus fish is then immersed in the saltwater  Symphysodon, colloquially known as discus, is a genus of cichlids native to the Amazon river basin in South America. It doesn't work. This is generally referred to as 'Discus plague' and can be treated, although not always successfully, using salt dips/formalin and malachite  Esha Hexamita is a professional disease treatment for Discus and other cichlids. It is generally given to freshwater or saltwater aquarium fishes to help treat conditions like fin rot , tail rot, mouth fungus (cottonmouth), eye cloud, and pop-eye [1] . Saltwater Tank, Saltwater Aquarium, Aquarium Fish. Discus skin problem SYMPTOM-BASED TREATMENT OF COMMON DISCUS DISEASES (July 1998 Version) Dionigi Maladorno. Try to cover the aquarium, which can help weaken the parasite. Level 2 Treatment. We also carry timeless classics such as the Peter Thode Turquoise and Schmidt-Focke Striated Red Discus. The fish may well go off its food and develop a hollow-bellied appearance. S. and Spironucleus vortens. Sudden light changes. THE BEST AQUARIUM TREATMENTS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Fresh Product found EXCLUSIVELY at AAP. You need to take immediate action and treat with medicine to cure this disease. pdf 2. tarzoo, based on a taxonomic review published in 2006. Change 25% of the tank water every few days and only add the correct amount of salt to water taken out. Thus, Angelfish may not be affected at all by the same flagellates that damage say a Discus. After 47 years of being a hobbyist, Chris Ingham owner of Plymouth Discus Products has also written Discus articles for three of the UK’s TOP Tropical Fish magazine’s Tropical fish, Today’s fish keeper and Practical Fish keeping Magazine. They are a shoaling fish, which means having a single, lonely Discus is a terrible idea. 80 *Assorted Discus Fish - 5-6 inch $99. Most are 14 days. 1US G. Frequently asked questions and answer on the care of diskus fish. solid success. Keep the discus in the same water he is in now add water to the old tank after you put him in the new tank. This is another of the most deadly discus fish diseases is white spot  First, I tried salt treatment and methylene blue. May 27, 2006 · If the loaches could handle it, the discus would not balk at temperatures well above the maximum for ich. 95 $79. 5 inch $22. Discus are generally calm, peaceful fish, but as cichlids, they can be aggressive toward one another, especially when attempting to pair off and spawn. Salt is a mineral and can potentially add to the hardness level of your water. 0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). discus fish salt treatment

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